Sunday, November 10, 2013

Please help

Allow me to steer away from my usual food blog entries for now; for those who don't know me personally but have had came across my blogsite in random or visited on a regular basis, I would like you to know that my home is THE Philippines. I live in Australia with my little boy aka husband for a while now but I always consider the Philippines my home.

By now, our country made headlines YET again, I could have preferred the news to be on a positive but the news was about the super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), considered to be the strongest and deadliest typhoon recorded in recent times (in hurrican category, its a 5 on maximum), and stronger than Hurricane Katrina.

My heart hasn't recovered yet from the 7.2 magnitude (on richter scale) earthquake that the island of Bohol was unfortunately struck upon a few weeks ago - Bohol being one of my personal favourite islands, as I have been to the island so many times with stunning beaches and home to the smallest monkey in the world, Tarsier and home to the famous Chocolate Hills, and here yet again my country is in the eye of the storm, quite literally, with property damage in catastrophic proportions. The death toll is now 1,200 and counting.  My heart continues to bleed to this day...

I lifted this beautiful butterfly with the Philippine flag from Tyra Banks' instagram

Here are some articles and video clips about the deadly Typhoon Yolanda;

Im now appealing for the readers to help my countrymen, please help our fellow human beings on such (sad) plight. This humble blog of mine is about to reach 40, 000 hits, if the statistics were true, then there are people out there who well and truly read my blog and can empathise with me. If I were able to touch a single kind-hearted human soul with my plea then Im eternally indebted to you.

International aids are now pouring in, countries are rallying support but with such poor state of the island of Leyte, being hit the hardest, the damage apocalyptic, we need whatever help we can get. Please please help in anyway you can, I beg of you...

My family has been spared, thank you Lord but the 7,101 beautiful gem of islands of the Philippines are in some way my family too...

These are the links on how you can help;

Red Cross

World Vision


Save the Children

Catholic Relief Services

This link has the complete list of agencies you can liaise with for your donation;

We desperately need your help. Here is hoping you hear the plea of my heart...

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